This page collect ideas, that can be used to improve chan_unistim functions


  • Implement 3-way conference or n-way conference using Asterisk bridge
  • Implement support of phone extension panels. Add ability to send several┬árequests in single UDP packet
  • Improve translation by use separate labels for soft keys
  • Improve user experience (display missed calls, bitten to access missed calls list)
  • Change mute button function to mute only local mic
  • Save languages/contrast/codecs selected on screen after phone reboot
  • Detect firmware version and decide configuration options automatically
  • Add translations for every language supported
  • Support for ALERT_INFO distinctive ringing
  • Made patch for Unistim support in FreePBX
  • Do away with BUFFSEND
  • Moving phone interface control out into a separate file

Ideas will be implemented on free time available or donations on specific feature available.


I was looking into XAS, which is the Xtended Application Server,
which is an xml/html server that the phone connects to, and the XAS
button brings up this “browser” functionality. But that protocol is
dead now.. (stocks? Sport scores on a corporate phone? we have mobiles
for that now..) -And I was thinking.. Perhaps you could define those
unused buttons to call a function, script, or something, which is
found in /var/lib/asterisk/ubin or something, and these then provide
a return condition – simple: 12 characters, \n etc, that can be passed
back to the set. Nothing else. And it clears after a couple of seconds.

And of course the dir /var/lib/asterisk/ubin is 550 asterisk:asterisk
and bins the same.

So, you could shell/perl/python(ugh)/small-binary call from a button,

Example like:

button8=pageall 2


RND=`cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc A-Za-z0-9 | head -c 8`
echo “Channel: Local/$1@local\nCallerid: \”Message Alert\” \
<299>\nWaitTime: 10\nApplic ation: Playback\nData: test/rbtcomplete\n” \
> /tmp/mat-$RND-$ sleep $2
mv /tmp/mat-$RND-$ /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing
exit 0