For this moment Asterisk svn trunk include most fresh cahn_unistim code. First release where this code will be available out of the box – Asterisk 11. If you need to use patch with older versions – you can find download links below. Note that patches does not include fixes after update date noted and can cause instability of your system. Use it on your own risk.

Asterisk 1.8 patches

  • 1.8.2 [patch] [patched source] Updated: 17/May/11
  • 1.8.6 [patch] [patched source] Updated: 12/Sep/11
  • 1.8.8 [patch] [patched source] Updated: 11/Oct/11

Asterisk 10 patches

There is multiple SVN trunk that canĀ  be used for patching asterisk 10 sources. It is still not verified for compatibility with exact version, please experement on yourself.

Asterisk 1.8/10 (latest)

There is no chan_unistim updates currently backported to older asterisk versions. Please wait until I have chanse to do it, do it yourself or donate funds to spend my worktime on this task.