For this moment Asterisk svn trunk include most fresh cahn_unistim code. First release where this code will be available out of the box – Asterisk 11. If you need to use patch with older versions – you can find download links below. Note that patches does not include fixes after update date noted and can cause instability of your system. Use it on your own risk.

Asterisk 1.8 patches

  • 1.8.2 [patch] [patched source] Updated: 17/May/11
  • 1.8.6 [patch] [patched source] Updated: 12/Sep/11
  • 1.8.8 [patch] [patched source] Updated: 11/Oct/11

Asterisk 10 patches

There is multiple SVN trunk that can  be used for patching asterisk 10 sources. It is still not verified for compatibility with exact version, please experement on yourself.

Asterisk 1.8/10 (latest)

There is no chan_unistim updates currently backported to older asterisk versions. Please wait until I have chanse to do it, do it yourself or donate funds to spend my worktime on this task.

  • Maxime

    How can I download and update my UNISTIM on my PiaF Asterisk server 1.8 wihout breaking everything??

    Thanks a lot!

    •  As it is CentOS based distribution – the right way is build your own RPM with patch applied. You need to get SRPM used in PiaF and add unistim patch to spec file.

  • SCE

    Trying to install UNISTIM on freepbx with asterisk 1.8.11 and I have tried everything with no luck. Is this possible?

    If I upgrade to 1.11 version, Will unistim be installed?
    What is my best option? Thanks

    • Use asterisk 11, if ir is supported by FreePBX. There is no problem to install patches with asterisk 1.8+, but it is require some skills. In freepbx you need to create extensions of “Custom” type

  • Stevenson Cano

    This site is great!!

    I have 5 phones I2002 runing with this configuration in Elastix. Please check it out for assistance:

  • Aaron Coulter

    I’m using Trixbox with the Unistim channel pre-installed and it works great. I’d like to switch to FreePBX and see the updates to your Unistim channel. I just installed FreePBX with Asterisk 11 and I noticed that there is no unistim.conf file. Am I required to install the channel myself, or is it installed and I just need to create the config file and populate with my phone information?

    • IgorG

      It must be installed, you need to create .conf file. Also use latest freepbx distro, so asterisk version would be not lower then 11.8.1. It includes fixes for major bugs in chan_unistim.

      • Aaron Coulter

        I do have the most recent FreePBX but I’m confused, how can it include fixes for a driver that is not installed by default?

      • Aaron Coulter

        I downloaded and installed the most recent FreePBX straight from their website. I installed with Asterisk 11 and I could find nothing at all in any directory related to unistim. So, if it is included with Asterisk 11, then where is it?

        • What directory “related to unistim” do you mean? chan_unistim included to freepbxdistro, just need to be configured

          • Aaron Coulter

            I don’t know…I’m just trying to figure out how to install it. You said it’s included with most recent version of FreePBX with Asterisk 11, so what (other than configuring phones and creating a unistim.conf) do I need to do to install it? I read your install page, but it reads like you’ve already installed it and you’re just talking about how to configure files.

          • You need nothing to do except of creating proper unistim.conf

          • Aaron Coulter

            Okay, thanks for your time.

  • Mateo Perez

    I need download patches for 1.8.2