Unistim driver updated

Hopefully after long development and review chan_unistim driver in asterisk trunk was updated

  • Ian

    Hello, mean that the error message:

    chan_unistim.c: 3543 parsing: Packet too short – ignoring
    chan_unistim.c: 3543 parsing: Packet too short – ignoring


    How to fix it?


    I can ping the phone: i2004 w / sw / o PS

    thank you

    •  Ian, that means receiving from phone packet shorter then 10 bytes from phone. This message not an error itseld. Does it cause phone failed to connect asterisk?

      If yes – first, you need to check if error persist with asterisk trunk. If it reproduced 0 describe way to reproduce it, take network packet dump using tcpdump and attach it to bug report at asterisk.org JIRA

  • Ian

     Thank you for your quick response. The problem is persistent and prevents communication with asterisk. The packet length is 7 Ian

    • Need to have network capture, configuration files, also this problem persis also with unpatched chan_unistim? You can send all info to my email.

  • Giovanni Castellana

    good , but only an answer for you.
    i can’t read on the phone the number that i’m calling….wich is the parameter that i have to set? thanks in advace

    • For i2002 model you need to set height=1

      • Giovanni Castellana

        thank you so much!!!!!

  • Michael Ferry

    is there a way to get this on asterisk 11.7?

    • Asterisk 11 have all this things built in